Bearing Specialist Inc. offers solutions with an emphasis on quality and regulatory compliance. We place great importance on quality assurance in our business processes. We value safety, reliability and design flexibility to ensure that the best solutions are provided to address evolving industry needs. We ensure customer satisfaction is never compromised.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Level one Inspection on JT8D-200, JT8D Basic, and the PW4000" Series engine Bearings.

  • Repairs, Inspections, and Airflow check on Seal Support Assemblies for JT8D Basic and JT8D-200 Series.

  • Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance.


Articles are opened and perform a preliminary inspection before process. They are moved to cleaning department for further determination.

Chemical Cleaning On Bearings

When it comes to chemical cleaning, our process is very thorough with constant chemical agitation and mixer without leaving any residue.

Inspection Of Applicability

All articles with part numbers, serial numbers, engineer instructions, customer directives, FAA Directives, are inspected and verified for applicability.

Visual Inspection

Our highly qualified team performs visual inspection of surface conditions using illuminated magnifiers and microscopes to record discrepancies.

Dimensional Inspection

We use calibrated instrument to indicate highest-grade measurements. Special measurement of contact angle and radial clearance are required sometimes.

Preservation And Packing

Serviceable bearings are processed through preservation and are vacuum packed for shipping. Providing this process maximizes the shelf life of the bearing.

Repairs On Seal Support

Performing repairs as required in accordance with Manufacture Engine Manuals. We ensure high quality repairs on seal support.